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Tapasrestaurants De Pijp

4 times tapas in De Pijp

Us Dutchies love Spain and everything about this country including its food, wines, sangria and night life. That´s why it´s no surprise that you can find several Spanish Tapas restaurants in Amsterdam South.

 Today we list our 4 favorite tapas restaurants in De Pijp. Try them all because they are definitely worth a visit.


RestaurantBarca Amsterdam

Enjoy a delicious tapas diner at our sunny terrace or inside our beautiful establishments

Since 2005 Restaurant Barca Amsterdam is the very first real Spanish restaurant in De Pijp. Barca opened its doors in 2005 positioning themselves as the place to be to have a glass but today Barca is a full service Spanish style restaurant offering breakfast, lunch and dinner. Barca put the restaurant to the test because they often welcome Spanish customers in their restaurants. Spanish love their food so if they become a regular it´s a clear sign that the kitchen is top of the bill.

For lunch and dinner you can choose from a great variety of tapas dishes. Every dish is made  from scratch and super fresh. To keep the menu fresh the chef often travels to Barcelona to get inspired from Spain´s most famous chefs. Locals like to eat out; both for lunch as for dinner. You won´t find a Spanish person eating a sandwich with cheese for lunch. They value their traditional 3 course lunch and in the evening they enjoy again a warm dish or at least some tapas with a good glass wine. 

Come try our chef´s latest discoveries from Barcelona!

Restaurant Barca
Marie Heinekenplein 30-31


Barca is not the only Spanish restaurant in De Pijp anymore. Let´s list 3 tapas places below that our team enjoys as well in our free time. It´s all about some variation right?


FiveBrothers Fat

Spanish dishes with a surprising twist

Five Brothers Fat opened their doors in 2018. Although the name doesn’t sound very Spanish the dishes truly are. Five Brothers Fat is loved by students because you can have fabulous drinks and food until the late hours. Five Brothers Fat got its inspiration from the well known Champanaria bar in Barcelona; which is the most famous cava bar in the city. Traveling to Barcelona soon? Add Champanaria definitely to your must visit list. So for a good glass of cava and late night food visit Five Brothers Fat.

Five Brothers Fat

Hobbemakade 64



Restaurant-bar inspired by the Latin and Spanish kitchen

Escobar is the place to be to have a glass. No they don´t work for the cartel but the clientele come from more legitimate offices around the area.😉

Fancy late night drinks? Escobar is your spot. On the menu you will find a good variety of South-American dishes such as taco´s and different types of fresh ceviches. The interior gives a happy feel; it´s like you enter a Latin bar in Santiago. By the way they also organize cooking workshop if you want to work a bit on your cooking skills. Escobar is also open for lunch. If you have a though day at work this place will definitely cheer you up. 


Eerste Sweelinckstraat 10A



Bodega style tapas place

Fancy traditional Spanish bodega´s? Then visit De Pilsvogel. De Pilsvoge is a famous bar in Amsterdam and they serve a variety of taps but also some more international dishes. De Pilsvogel is located between De Pijp and Marie Heinekenplein and De Albert Cuypstraat. De Pilsvogel features a big terrace to soak up some sun in the summer. You are welcome for breakfast, lunch, dinner or just an ice cold beer. Cheers.

De Pilsvogel

Gerard Douplein 14