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Pan cristal con tomate, calamares, albóndigas, and last but not least, pata negra… Feeling hungry yet? Good, because you’ll find the best tapas of Amsterdam right here at Barça. Prepared by our Spanish chef, every single dish we put out on the table is jam-packed with flavour. Don’t forget to order one of his personal favourites (and ours): the BBQ octopus and tortilla de patatas. Check out all of our delicious dishes below.

Lunch menu

Dinner menu

Drinks menu

Behind every delectable dinner, there is an equally good drink complementing it. That’s why we have an extensive drinks menu filled with cervezas, sangria, and all the Spanish wine you could wish for. Perfect when kicking it back on our terrace.


Barcelona‘Mar I Muntanya’

‘From the seas and mountains’, is the unofficial slogan of the Catalan kitchen. It refers to the Catalan practice of using both meat and fish in the same meal. This unusual tradition has made the Catalan kitchen one of the most renowned cuisines in the world. At Barça, we honour this tradition and have a wealth of dishes that feature both ingredients, from sea and land. Made with care and skill, as only the Catalonians can.


TheFlavour of Catalonia

Here at Barça, we pride ourselves in offering the best of the Catalan kitchen. With a wealth of choice in tapas and main dishes, from a paella brimming with flavour to BBQ octopus and heavenly Basque Cheesecake. Let’s keep the sangria flowing, shall we?


Companionsand Groups

Looking for the perfect spot to have Friday drinks at with all of your colleagues? Or maybe you’re in search of somewhere to have dinner with the whole gang (AKA partners, kids, the whole shebang)  Or maybe you’re just in the mood for a party and would rather go big than go home. No worries, Barça loves company, and big groups are more than welcome. Go to our groups page to check out the different possibilities and to reserve your spot.