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The ambience, liveliness, cuisine and cosmopolitan atmosphere of Barcelona – it’s something we could bask in every single day whilst enjoying ever-flowing sangria, cervezas, or verdejo. This feeling was nowhere to be found in Amsterdam – until 2005. The Pijp was electric but we wanted to add that typical Spanish touch. To let others experience everything Barcelona has on offer without having to set foot on a plane. And that’s exactly what we did because, in that year, we started Restaurant y bar Barça

Our restaurant lives and breathes Barcelona. You can see it everywhere: from our large Mediterranean style terrace to our modern interior and Catalan inspired menu. Our ambience and fun atmosphere exudes energy only found one place else: Barcelona. This isn’t the spot for a quick bite at 5:30. This is where you connect with friends, family, and colleagues – spending the entire night enjoying each others company and some great food. Just because you can. 

We’ve been around for over 16 years and we’re proud to say that we did it. Restaurante y bar Barça has become a hub for those who enjoy the good life, just like Barcelona and Catalonia. 

See you soon!

Team Barça


Flavourof Barça

Just like the city, Restaurant Barça mixes traditional Catalan cuisine with modern influences. Experience the multifaceted and lively flavours of Catalonia with our delicious Mediterranean dishes, tapas, sangria, and cava. 

  • My lucky night... Just returned from barcelona, meeting with friends at the Barca and they started new menu today! Good times for me, recognized the most tapas I ate in barcelona.
  • Good tip, beginning Friday afternoon with a drink on the terrace, followed by a delicious dinner in, with the valve and super cocktail at the bar, you can back out there on the dance floor dancing.

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