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Spanishtapas lunch in De Pijp

5xTraditionalSpanish tapas dishes for a delicious lunch

Winter blues? Stop by at Restaurant Barca for a delicious Mediterranean lunch in De Pijp. You will surely enjoy the best tapas in a real Spanish setting; you will feel like you are in sunny Barcelona for moment. Restaurant Barca is located at Marie Heineken Plein in the south part of Amsterdam.


Barcelonainspired restaurant in De Pijp

The chef of Restaurant Barca travels often to sunny Barcelona to get inspired for his menu.

Barcelona is booming when it comes to restaurant business; it seems like there is a new restaurant opening taking place every single day. Spanish people love their food and wines. It´s not a surprise that most lunches and dinners in Spain take place in restaurants. Today we like to share 5 classic tapas dishes that every local in Barcelona would enjoy.


Thebest tapas in De Pijp, Amsterdam

Barca Amsterdam serves traditional ´Pan con Tomate´

You will find Pan con Tomate in most Barcelona restaurants. The locals have it for breakfast, lunch and dinner. In Catalan this traditional bread is called ´Pa ambt Tomàquet´. In the morning the locals like to have it for breakfast with a piece of cheese or some tortilla on top and for lunch and dinner it serves as an appetizer. Of course this dish goes also very well with Pata Negra. The bread is very thin and crispy and preferably it´s served with large salt grains on top, fresh tomato and olive oil. In Barcelona this dish is often served with whole tomatoes so you have to rub the tomatoes on to the bread yourself. Yummie.


TraditionalSpanish Pata Negra

A Spanish lunch isn´t complete without a delicious portion of high quality Pata Negra. Pata Negra is the most famous Ibérico ham in the world. As soon as you touch down at Barcelona airport you will be overwhelmed by an amazing assortment of this traditional ham. The name Pata Negra refers to the black leg of a pig. Spanish people with a larger kitchen will surely have a ´leg´ placed in a special artisan cutting machine. The ham literally melts on your tongue and the distinctive taste comes from the fresh acorns the pigs eat in the forests. Restaurant Barca of course serves the best quality Pata Negra. Combine it with the Pan con Tomate and you will arrive in Barcelona heaven, even when it´s just for a moment.


Thecrispiest calamari in Amsterdam South

The old time favorite dish of the Barca team? The fresh calamari! The calamari is always super fresh and perfectly fried in fresh batter for the crispiest result. This dish is officially called ´Calamari a la Romana´. ´A la Romana´ means that the fish gets crumbed before it gets fried. The first bite takes you immediately to a sunny day on the beach of Barcelona. We serve our calamari with a slice of lemon and a very tasty homemade kimchi sauce. Do you already feel hungry?


Ibericoribfingers gave Barca a place in the top 10 of the Best Terrace Top 100

As a restaurant with a big terrace you definitely want to make it to the top 10 of the most important Terrace list of The Netherlands. So we did. During summer you can enjoy your tapas while sunbathing at our huge terrace. The journalist who came by to test our terrace for the short list fell for our Iberico rib fingers. He described this dish as ´exquisite´. We serve this dish with soy sauce, a secret Pedro Ximenez sauce and fresh sesame.


Thebest Spanish dessert in Amsterdam

is our Crema Catalana Mousse

Spanish people never skip their ´postre´ (dessert). Our Crema Catalana Mousse is the most ordered dessert in our menu. We all know the traditional Crema Catalana but our chef discovered an alternative version in Barcelona; Crema Catalana ´Mousse´. He fell in love and so did we. This dish is surprisingly light and airy with the traditional lemon taste combined with pinch of cinnamon. You are never too full for this ´airy´ dessert.